PhD defense ceremony

PhD defence ceremony – Systemic Risk in EcosystemsOn the 19th of February I successfully defended my PhD thesis entitled ‘Systemic Risk in Ecosystems’ at Wageningen University. A result of many years of hard work in the labs of Jordi Bascompte (ecological networks) and Marten Scheffer (critical transitions). A summary of the thesis can be dowloaded […]

Foreseeing the future of mutualistic communities beyond collapse

‘Foreseeing the future of mutualistic communities beyond collapse’ Gradual changes in environmental conditions may lead to sudden shifts in the state of ecosystems when tipping points are passed. Well-known examples of such ‘transitions’ lead to predictable outcomes such as a turbid lake or a degraded landscape. Not all ecosystems, however, behave in such a predictable […]

A new challenge

A new challengeAs per September I will follow a one-year course at the University of Cambridge to obtain a Postgraduate Certificate in Education (PGCE). I hope it will help me to become a good science educator!